Abuse and Neglect

Treatment for child abuse and neglect help lower a child’s risk of having learning, emotional, and social issues later in life. This benefits the child, any children they may have in the future, and society overall. Our counselors provide trauma informed care for all our victims and survivors.

Alcohol and Substance Use

We help those struggling with drug, alcohol and substance abuse. Our role is to provide psycho-education, clinical interventions, support, and resources needed to live a drug-free or alcohol-free life.

ADHD in children and teens

ADHD is a Super Power that can change your life! We will teach you how to gain creativity, add powerful habits, gain unstoppable willpower, instantly reduce stress, improve learning and develop mind control powers. Be productive enough to take on multiple tasks with confidence!


Stressful events or changes in life can include moving, divorce, separation, loss of pet, birth of sibling, or any sudden unexpected change. We help individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, or behavioral problems resulting from difficulties adjusting major changes.

Adolescent Issues and Concerns

We have counselors that specialize in working with adolescents struggling with social issues, school violence, bullying, peer pressure, sex, depression, body image, academics, family, social media, teen pregnancy, and more. It is crucial that teens feel validated in their feelings and thoughts because what they are going through is a real part of their lives.

Anger Management

It is okay to be angry, it is what you choose to do with that anger that might cause problems in your world. We will teach you how to control the power of your anger and utilize that energy into something more productive.


Anxiety helps humans protect ourselves from danger. However, sometimes our worries and fears can become more than we can handle. We provide Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help you learn how to control your anxiety rather than your anxiety control you.

Art Therapy

We utilize the power of arts and different modes of communication to help individuals to open up and engage in creative ways, which may enhance healing of all kinds. Arts therapy interventions include dance, drama, expressive, music, writing, or art therapy.

Bipolar Disorder

There are three types of bipolar disorder that involve clear changes in mood, energy, and activity levels. They require lifelong treatment with medications, even during periods you feel better. We are committed to you and your care and you can rely on us to be here whenever you need support.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT helps clients understand how thoughts and feelings influence behaviors. It is applicable to a variety of behavioral health issues such as depression, bipolar, anxiety, eating disorders, substance abuse, and psychotic disorders. It also treats a wide range of disorders including health issues; family, work and school problems.

COVID-19 Pandemic PTSD

COVID-19 quickly became a global health emergency resulting in not only physical health concerns but psychological concerns and threats of death. Millions of people are struggling with PTSD from exposure, experience, or the isolation of COVID-19. You are not alone and we are here to help you.

Crisis Management

We are here to help people when they are in crisis. We provide a through assessment, safety plan, empathy, compassion and resources to help the person regain control. For immediate assistance please call 988.

Depression and Mood Disorders

Divorce and Blended Families

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


Family and Marriage Counseling

Grief Counseling

Intermittent Explosive Disorder

Intermittent Explosive Disorder is very important to address because it can affect relationships, education, and occupational environments. Explosive eruptions occur suddenly, with little or no warning, and usually last less than 30 minutes. Click to learn more


Male Mental Health Support

Medical and Health Care Professionals

Mindfulness, Coping Skills and Relaxation Techniques

Motivational Interviewing

Narrative Therapy

Nonviolent Communication

OCD and Related Disorders

Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Panic Disorders

Postpartum Depression

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Psychedelic Coaching and Therapy

Reproductive and Infertility Issues


Self Esteem and Self Worth Building

Social Anxiety

Stress Management

Suicidal and Homicidal Ideation