Anger Management

Anger management is an essential tool for all ages to learn as it is an universal emotion. Anger that is expressed in indirect, passive, or aggressive ways can cause problems in many aspects of your life. Anger that is recognized and managed effectively can actually serve to energize healthy, productive behaviors.

I will help you identify the parts of anger, its causes, your anger patterns, and basic anger management skills that you can use at home, school, social settings and/or workplace.

Anger and Causes

No matter what you do, at some point in time of your life, you will feel the human emotion of anger. It is made up of four parts:

  • Feeling
  • Physical Response
  • Thought or Judgement
  • Behavioral Response

Causes of Anger:


Skills and Treatment

The therapeutic approaches of anger management differ according to clients presenting problems. Techniques may include:


  • Learn your anger style and what anger management skill best suits you
  • Learn how to take a timeout by verbalizing to others and taking action to cool down
  • Learn how to cool your body by practicing calming visualization
  • Learn how to cool your mind by recognizing thinking distortions and shifting to more reasonable thoughts that will allow you to cope with the situation
  • Learn assertive communication techniques
  • Learn "I feel" Communication techniques