Family Therapy

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Pediatric and Adult Behavioral Counseling specializes in providing compassionate and effective family therapy services. We are committed to supporting the well-being and growth of your family. Our experienced counselors are dedicated to helping families navigate challenges, overcome conflicts, improving communication and fostering understanding.

Advantages of Family Counseling

Family therapy offers numerous benefits for families seeking to improve their relationships and address specific challenges. Here are some key advantages:

  1. Enhancing Communication and Conflict Resolution: Effective communication is the foundation of a healthy family dynamic. Family therapy provides a safe and supportive environment for family members to express themselves. Moreover, therapists help identify and address underlying conflicts, guide families in resolving disagreements, and promote healthier communication patterns within the family unit.
  2. Strengthening Family Bonds and Connections: Family therapy focuses on strengthening the bonds and connections among family members. Furthermore, therapists help families foster a sense of belonging, empathy, and understanding. Through activities, discussions, and therapeutic techniques, families can build stronger relationships, increase trust, and develop a deeper appreciation for each other's unique strengths and perspectives.
  3. Resolving Family Conflicts and Challenges: Every family faces conflicts and challenges at some point. Additionally, family therapy offers a structured and supportive space to address these issues. Therapists facilitate open and honest dialogue, identify patterns of interaction that contribute to conflicts, and guide families in finding effective solutions. By addressing conflicts in a constructive manner, families can develop healthier coping strategies and create a more peaceful and harmonious home environment.
  4. Navigating Life Transitions: Major life transitions, such as divorce, blended families, or the arrival of a new baby, can impact family dynamics. In addition, family therapy can provide valuable support and guidance during these transitions. Therapists assist families in adapting to changes, managing stress, and establishing new roles and routines. By navigating these transitions together, families can strengthen their resilience and maintain a positive family bond.
  5. Building Parenting SkillsFamily therapy can help parents develop effective parenting skills and strategies. Furthermore, therapists provide guidance, education, and resources to support parents in understanding their children's needs, setting appropriate boundaries, and fostering a nurturing and supportive family environment. By improving parenting skills, families can create a positive and nurturing atmosphere for children to thrive.

Common Reasons to seek Family Counseling

  • A major trauma or change that impacts the entire family
  • Unexpected or traumatic loss of a family member or pregnancy
  • Adjustment to a new family member in the home
  • Domestic violence, sexual abuse, neglect
  • Divorce, separation, relocation, or blended family adjustments
  • Substance abuse or mental health concerns
  • Behavioral issues and academic concerns in children and adolescents
  • Parent conflict, sibling rivalry, parent/child conflict
  • Chronic illness
  • and more

Goals for Family Counseling

  • To work together to heal any mental, emotional, or psychological problems tearing your family apart. (Lee, 2010)
  • Help the family focus less on the member who has been identified as the scapegoat and focus more on the family as a whole
  • Strengthens all family members so they can work on their problems together
  • Teach ways to handle conflicts and changes within the family differently
  • Teach families to properly communicate and develop new coping strategies
  • Repair fragmented relationships and help families to bond
  • Allow each family member to have a safe place to really express themselves and hear one another
  • Improve relationships between parents and children
  • Improve parenting techniques
  • and so many more


Pediatric and Adult Behavioral Counseling offers a range of benefits for families seeking to improve their relationships, enhance communication, and strengthen their bonds. Through a supportive and collaborative approach, our experienced therapists are here to guide and assist your family on the path to a healthier and more harmonious dynamic. Invest in your family's well-being and growth by scheduling a family therapy session today. Together, we can build a stronger, more connected, and resilient family unit that thrives in the face of challenges.