Group Therapy

Pediatric and Adult Behavioral Counseling now offers group therapy sessions, creating a secure environment for you to openly discuss and navigate your ideas, thoughts and emotions. Every group possesses its own distinct character, and your participation contributes to enhancing the sense of belonging and support within the group. By connecting individuals who may be going through comparable challenges, your presence helps diminish feelings of isolation and stigma, as it underscores the shared experiences of the group members.


Advantages of Group Therapy

Group therapy offers numerous advantages for individuals seeking mental health support and personal development:

  • Peer Support**
  • Diverse Perspectives:**
  • Feedback and Validation:**
  • Skill Enhancement:**
  • Heightened Self-Awareness:**
  • Accountability:**
  • Cost-Effective:**
  • Safe and Confidential Environment:**
  • Real-Life Social Skills:**
  • Sustainable Benefits:**

Current Groups:

Coming Soon:

  • Men's Group
  • Grief Group
  • Women's Group
  • Social Skills Group for Teens
  • Summer CBT Group for Kids and Teens

It’s important to acknowledge that the effectiveness of group therapy may vary depending on factors such as the group’s type, the expertise of the facilitator, and the unique needs of participants. Nevertheless, for many individuals, group therapy serves as a valuable complement to individual therapy or as a standalone option for addressing mental health concerns.