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A majority of mental health illness is caused by the inability to manage stress, lack of sleep, neglect and trauma. Yes, genetics can play a role, but so can self medicating, ignoring symptoms, "toughing it out," unrealistic expectations, denial, blame, and dysfunctional relationships. Well, I have great news. Change is inevitable and 2022 is bulldozing the negative stigma of mental health. People now advocate for suicide prevention and awareness, children and teens openly tell their parents they want to talk to a mental health professional, couples seek marriage counseling before signing divorce papers, the use of crisis lines has increased by over 44% since 988 has opened and the request of services by males has tripled at our practice alone. Parents are seeking professional support to help with behavioral issues, navigate divorce and adjust to major changes within the household. Adults are finally allowing themselves the gift of self care and adding counseling to their busy schedules.

If you are here reading this right now, then you are amongst millions of people in America coming to therealization and possibly acceptance that it just might be easier to reach out to a professional for help. Sure, friends and family can be a good support, but I'm sure they have all told you what to do, what you should do, what they would do, and despite hearing all of their supportive advice; it might just be helpful for someone to listen to you.

If you read the latest statistics on violence, suicide, substance and alcohol abuse, hospitalizations, and those struggling with their mental health; you will find an alarmingly large increase in stats since 2020. It is difficult to ignore the crisis that occurs on a daily basis around the world whether it is a pandemic, inflation, recession, layoffs, gas price hikes, food shortages, natural disasters, school shootings, hate crimes, politics... This doesn't even include what may occur in our personal and social life, work, school, relationships, and home. The biggest instigators of our mental health problems lie within our very own brain, the news, social media, environment and even our support systems. How do we shut it all off? How do we escape? How do we even start to manage the stress that we experience on a day to day basis?

In December 2020, the National Institute of Mental Health found that almost 1 in 5 Americans – or 51.5 million people – were living with a mental illness. In October, 2022, a CNN/KFF poll found that:

Nine out of 10 adults said ​they believed that there's a mental health crisis in the US today. More than half identified mental health issues among children and teenagers as a crisis, as well as severe mental illness in adults. About half of adults say they have had a severe mental health crisis in their family, including in-person treatment for family members who were a threat to themselves or others, or family members who engaged in self-harming behaviors.

These numbers have doubled in the past two years. This means that when you are in a room, 9/10 people in that same room are most likely struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, anger, mood swings, etc. I'm hopeful that the one person in the room denying they feel these emotions has obtained the tools and support to manage their emotions on a day to day basis.

The process of trying to figure out what you need, who you need, and what might work can be terrifying, scary, exhausting, defeating and overwhelming; but the reward when you do find the right match can be life changing. Please check out our Most Commonly Asked Questions About Counseling page as you might find it useful to help you during this journey.

If you feel that we may be a good match for you, please feel free to contact us and we will match you with one of our licensed counselors.

Pediatric and Adult Behavioral Counseling provides individual, family and marriage counseling
Pediatric and Adult Behavioral Counseling provides individual, family and marriage counseling throughout Michigan