E-Tech Counseling

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Counseling When You Need it Most

E-Tech counseling encourages clients to communicate openly and freely with a therapist from their own private space or virtually anywhere via phone, video, chat, text or messenger. This form of counseling is beneficial for those who are traveling, adjusting to college, in need of immediate assistance, housebound and more. Texting is a new way of counseling that I will allow under special circumstances. This is most utilized by children and teens when needing immediate assistance.

E-Tech counseling must be authorized by a parent if you are 18 or under. Fees are charged in advance of 60 minute increments. Please be aware that the device you may be using (tablets, iPad, computer, phone) may not be 100% secure. Everything that you tell your therapist is protected by strict federal and state laws unless you are a threat to yourself or others. Guidelines to protect your privacy will be discussed by your therapist.