Parent Support and Consulting

Perfect for parents-to-be, new parents and parents who are just trying to figure this out. The goal of Parent Skills Training is to teach parents tips for improving communication and building positive relationships with their children. Your therapist will teach you useful parenting skills such as effective discipline and how to help your child to develop self-discipline. Parent Skills Training is also great for parents-to-be and new parents learning about child development, what to expect, resources and how to grow together as a family. This service is beneficial for parents to learn about learning disorders, ADHD, developmental delay or Autism; how to manage symptoms, obtain resources and more!

Parenting Classes/Training in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. 248-973-7958


It is important to learn the importance of positive, non-disciplinary interactions with children. Your therapist will teach you how to use skills that promote positive parent-child interactions by providing positive attention. 

Sample Topics

  • Child Development Knowledge and Care
  • How to have positive Interactions with  your child
  • Emotional and disciplinary communication 
  • Discipline and behavior management
  • Promoting social skills or prosocial behavior
  • How to parent / co-parent effectively
  • How to help your child or teen during hardships
  • Boundaries: What are they and how do we set them
  • Teens and Substances Today
  • Bullying and bullying prevention
  • Suicide Awareness, know the signs