Parent Support and Consulting

Parent Support and Consulting is perfect for parents-to-be, new parents, parents struggling with their child's behavioral problems and parents who are just trying to figure their teens out. The goal of Parent Support and Consulting is to help parents identify a common ground to provide support to each other, set healthy boundaries, identify age appropriate discipline and rewards, and provide tips for improving communication and building positive relationships with their children.


It is very important to understand that every child is unique with their own personality and that will come along with their own set of challenges. Just because one way of parenting may work with one child, does not mean it will work for all children. Your therapist may assess your child or teen to rule out any mental health causes and coordinate care with your pediatrician to rule out any possible medical causes of behavioral problems. This is essential as it is not uncommon for children, teens (and adults) to go undiagnosed for learning disorders, ADHD, Autism, and sensory processing disorders. These are easily manageable when early intervention is provided. Behavioral problems are significantly reduced and a deeper understanding of your child is developed.

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Promoting Positive Parenting Style

It is important to learn the importance of positive and non-disciplinary interactions that will work with your child or teen. Your therapist will teach you how to use skills that promote positive parent-child interactions by providing positive attention to the behaviors you prefer.

Sample Topics


  • Child Development Knowledge and Care
  • How to have positive Interactions with your child
  • Emotional and disciplinary communication
  • Discipline and behavior management
  • Promoting social skills or prosocial behavior
  • How to parent / co-parent effectively
  • How to help your child or teen during hardships
  • Boundaries: What are they and how do we set them
  • Teens, Social Pressures and Substances Today
  • Bullying and bullying prevention
  • Suicide Awareness, know the signs
Additional services that might be helpful: 


  • Attachment therapy for parents whom are struggling to connect with their children
  • Resources and parent support for those struggling with alcohol or substance abuse, eating disorders and self harm
  • Resources and parent support for those whom have lost a child or family member to suicide or homicide
  • Resources and parent support for those whom have lost a child to miscarriage, abortion, are unable to conceive,  or experiencing infertility
  • Family Therapy and Blended Family Therapy
  • Marriage and Couple Therapy
  • Parents struggling to connect with their LGBTQ+ child, teen or adult
  • and more...