We encourage you allow yourself the personal freedom for you and/or your child to schedule appointments during the day if you need to talk to someone. We work with school districts and employers all over the state of Michigan to excuse students and employees for an hour or so a week to prioritize their mental health to attend therapy. We also see an increase of schools referring students to counseling to provide more support when they see them struggling. If one or two 45 -60 minute session per week will help you or your child become more productive at school, work, or home; reduce the amount of behavioral issues or mental health symptoms and decrease the risk of suicidal / homicidal behaviors… you may want to consider scheduling day appointments to start your journey towards mental wellness rather than waiting 3-4 months for help.

With your permission, we will coordinate with your college or your child’s school to schedule appointments that are most convenient and to avoid missing important events, tests, exams, and classes. We have also arranged private spaces in which students are able to attend telehealth appointments on school grounds. For adults, we will coordinate with your employer to excuse time to attend counseling by completing FMLA documentation or any other necessary steps to assist you in receiving the care that you need.

Prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic, taking time off of school or work to for mental health reasons would be inexcusable. However, you would  be amazed at how supportive employers and schools are when they hear that you and or your child are receiving mental health treatment. Schools and employers recognize the need for mental health services as they also reach out for mental health support. You would be surprised how many business owners, CEO’s, managers, supervisors, teachers, doctors, etc. schedule telehealth counseling appointments or sneak away to our office during working hours or lunch breaks for a session to de-compress. In return, they are able to be more effective and functional leaders, parents, partners, teachers, and individuals in society.

According to a new survey from CNN in partnership with the Kaiser Family Foundation, 9/10 Americans are struggling with a mental health crisis. Schools are overwhelmed with children struggling with behavioral and mood disorders that impact their ability to learn, socialize, and be creative.

Due to the mental health crisis in America, there can be a 3-4 month waiting period to talk to a therapist. It is true that evening, weekend and office appointments are the most preferred, however not always available. At Pediatric and Adult Behavioral Counseling, we do not believe in or provide waitlists at our practice because unfortunately, depression and anxiety do not pause until you talk with someone. Most of our client’s have already tried everything to resolve issues on their own without success when they call inquiring about services, so waiting even a month to talk with someone could be detrimental.

According to data supplied by the American Psychiatric Association, employees with unresolved depression experience a 35% reduction in productivity, contributing to a loss to the U.S. economy of $210.5 billion a year in absenteeism, reduced productivity, and medical costs. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported heightened levels of stress and anxiety, as well as significant increases in the rates of depression and drug overdose. The U.S. Department of Labor and the World Health Organization emphasize the importance of supporting the needs of individuals with mental health conditions in the workplace as the word experiences a mental health crisis driven, in part, by the pandemic.

Please note that we may have availably open up that is most preferable for you if it is not already available as we have a strict attendance policy for weekend appointments and weekdays after 2pm. If you have any questions, concerns or would like to schedule an appointment, please feel free to contact us at 248-973-7958 or complete our online form for quicker scheduling time.